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€50 Million Fund

€50,000,000 Fund

It is through trading internationally that Maltese companies will really achieve significant growth. And while Malta has traditionally enjoyed strong trading relationships with its near neighbours in Europe such as the UK, Germany, France and Italy, but further afield there are also huge opportunities for growth.

The emerging markets of Asia and Latin America continue to show strong growth and offer real potential for those companies prepared to expand their horizons when it comes to international business.

With offices on the ground in 60 markets, more than 7,000 relationship managers operating worldwide and 3.2 million commercial customers, we are in a unique position to connect you to potential customers in new markets, provide local insight through people on the ground, and offer the financial support to help you expand globally.

Earlier this year, we launched our Malta Trade for Growth initiative to encourage Maltese companies to expand their international business. Through this initiative, we have offered a range of incentives, discounts and resources specifically designed to help local companies bolster their international trade, particularly with emerging markets.

Already to date, more than 500 companies have made enquiries into Malta Trade for Growth as they look to grow their business overseas and take advantage of incentives such as discounts on foreign currency transactions.

Our drive to encourage and support international trade continues and we have now added a €50million fund to the Malta Trade for Growth initiative. Through the fund companies will be eligible for a discount in pricing if they switch from a traditional overdraft to a structured trade finance product such as export loans or invoice finance.

We are also continually improving the professional service provided by our Relationship Managers, increasing their training so they can best service the needs of customers who are trading internationally or looking to do so.

International trade will be vital to Malta`s future economic growth and through initiatives like Malta Trade Growth, our global connectivity and invaluable market insight, we are best placed to help Maltese companies access opportunities across the globe.

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Registered Address: 116, Archbishop Street, Valletta VLT 1444. Company No.:C3177

© HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. 2017. All rights reserved.