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HSBC Premier World Mastercard

Contactless payment is here with the new HSBC Premier World Mastercard.

The new card comes with 3 enhancements:

  • A brand new design
  • Contactless technology
  • Access to Mastercard’s World programme

A brand new look for your card

Your HSBC Premier World Mastercard now comes with a brand new design, featuring a modern interpretation of one of the HSBC lions, an iconic symbol of the bank for nearly a century. Created using dynamic facets, the design invokes HSBC’s heritage in a contemporary style.

Universally recognised as a symbol of strength and courage, the HSBC lions are a testament to our rich history and our spirit of resilience, and stand for the values of protection and prosperity that are at the heart of our brand.

Today they can be found guarding our offices around the world including Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, Toronto, Vancouver and Mexico City where passers-by often rub their paws for good luck.

In its new role on the card face, the HSBC lion serves as our promise of protection and a daily reminder of our commitment to support you in achieving your ambitions, be they big or small.


How to pay with your contactless card?

Here’s how to use your credit cards to pay with contactless technology.


Look for the contactless symbol when paying for items up to the value of €25.


Touch your contactless card against the reader.


A beep or green light shows the payment is being processed. For extra security, you may occasionally be asked to insert your card and enter your PIN to sign.


Your payment is approved.


Changes to the Premier Mastercard Terms and Conditions

Your Premier Mastercard Terms & Conditions have changed to reflect the introduction of Contactless payment and now include the following clause.

You can authorise a credit card payment at a retailer’s premises by entering your card PIN (Personal Identification Number) into the card keypad or providing a signature. You must also produce evidence of your identity if asked. If you want to make a contactless payment you must remove your card from your purse or wallet to make sure the right card is used and then tap it on the retailer’s card terminal. In some cases you’ll also be asked to enter your PIN or provide a signature for a contactless payment.

Full terms and conditions can be found on our website www.hsbc.com.mt/premier


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Have a question?

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HSBC Premier World Mastercard

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© HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. 2018. All rights reserved.

Registered Address: 116, Archbishop Street, Valletta VLT 1444. Company No.:C3177

© HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. 2018. All rights reserved.