Internet Banking Registration
Below are the steps required to register to internet banking:
1. Enter your Phone Banking Number or Quikcash card number and PIN number to start your registration process.
2. Create your Username. It should contain between 5 and 76 alphanumeric characters.

Important: Your user name is unique and cannot be changed afterwards. You should remember your answer to the selected question, as you will need this every time you log on to Internet Banking.
3. Set up your Memorable Question and Answer. We will ask for it to log on to Internet Banking.

Important: You should remember your answer to the selected question, since during logging on, for your security, the question will be hidden.
4. Set up 2 Security Questions. These will be used in case you need to reset your Memorable Answer online in the future.

Click Continue to confirm the Security Answers and to proceed to the Terms and Conditions screen.
5. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully and click 'Accept' if you agree.
You can only continue to use the Personal Internet Banking service once you accept these Terms and Conditions.
6. You can then select the account you would like to see in the account summary page.
You can update this information at any time while using Personal Internet Banking.

Select the 'Suppress Marketing mail' box if you do not wish to receive information about special offers from HSBC Bank Malta, otherwise leave it unselected.

Click 'Continue' button to proceed.
Review the details provided in the previous screen.
7. Click on the 'Confirm' button to complete the registration process. Click on 'Change' if you want to return to the previous step to make any changes.
You will receive your new Secure Key which will be needed to access your Internet Banking within 5 working days.
Secure Key Activation
Before you log on to Internet Banking for the first time you need to create your own personal PIN to be able to access your Secure Key.
To Set up your PIN you need to:
1. Switch on the Secure Key by pressing the green button and holding it down for 3 seconds.
2. You will receive a prompt to enter 'NEW PIN'
3. A new pin made up of 5 or 6 Digits is to be inserted
4. Press the Yellow Button
5. You will see the message 'PINCONF' displayed on your Secure Key to reconfirm your Pin
6. Re-enter the 5 or 6 Digit Pin and Press the Green Button
'HSBC' will be displayed once pin is confirmed
Important: You will need to remember this pin to be able to activate your token every time you need to use internet banking.