Building the future

No other mainstream profession blurs the line between science and art as architecture does. After all, designing a built environment for its inhabitants almost makes the exercise a philosophy on life. 

This interplay of science and art is reflected by Perit Anthony Robinson, an established architect, who feels that the lines between his profession and personal life are often blurred too. 

“My greatest challenge is trying to balance between my professional and personal life, as time is a limited resource,” notes Anthony, whose independent practice has continued to grow over the years and today includes another three colleagues. “HSBC Fusion has helped me a lot in this respect.”

The service appoints a dedicated relationship manager who can assist on all banking in a time-saving manner and also offers a single login, allowing you to manage both personal and business transactions. 

“With the time gained through the HSBC Fusion personalised services and the single login, I can dedicate more time to my family and enjoy a better work-life balance.”

You can watch a brief video about how Anthony is building a better future here:

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