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Financial support

Finding financial support

If you're worried about money, there are a number of ways we can help.

  • Customers holding a Home Loan or a Personal Loan can apply for a three-month repayment moratorium on their loan.

Please note that the moratorium extension, if approved, may adversely impact your credit rating and your ability to take new borrowing in the future. The details of your loan will be reported to the Central Bank of Malta for inclusion in the Central Credit Register, in accordance to Central Bank Directive No 14, where it will be accessible to other financial institutions subject to certain conditions being met.

To get more information, kindly contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fusion customers

The following concessions will apply to eligible Fusion customers.

Capital repayment holidays

For customers who are facing loss of business we will consider short term capital repayment holidays on term lending. Interest repayments will need to continue being made throughout the term of the concession. This will enable businesses to meet other payments until the situation reverts to normal.

For more information, kindly contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Business customers

We have also put in place a support package for business customers. More information can be found here.

Travel insurance

If you are an eligible Premier/Advance or Business cardholder, your travel insurance policy is still in force through the HSBC Travel and Purchase Protection Insurance cover.

Kindly note that the free travel insurance available to HSBC Advance and Premier customers is provided and underwritten by Citadel Insurance plc.

With effect from 1 January 2021, the above insurers will be applying a Coronavirus Exclusion to your current travel policy terms and conditions which will affect your cover. This exclusion is fully in line with insurance market developments due to Covid-19.

May we remind you that the travel insurance policy is also subject to other limitations, exclusions and conditions, and it is very important that you contact Mediterranean Insurance Brokers (Malta) Limited before each trip, to understand the extent of cover provided, including the full scope of the Coronavirus Exclusion.

HSBC has no authority or remit on any decision taken by Insurers in respect of any claim.

More information and additional guidance related to the above mentioned change can be obtained by contacting Mediterranean Insurance Brokers (Malta) Ltd on:

Telephone:+356 23433234
Telephone: +356 23433108

Wealth Management

Wealth management services will be provided by appointment from the above mentioned branches.

Home Loans

If you have queries regarding your pending home loan application, please book an appointment. 

Listening to what you have to say about our services matters to us.