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Business Credit Card

Helping you grow your business more successfully
Convenience and flexibility

With our Business Credit Card, you can separate your personal and business spending and stay in control of your expenses with itemised statements.

The Business Credit Card is also your ideal travel companion offering you a Visa credit card, multi-trip travel insurance and the chance to earn reward points which you can redeem in favour of cashback on your card account. It also grants your business up to 56 days interest free credit (as per HSBC Business Cards Conditions of Use) to give you flexibility to manage your cash flow, and so much more.

Available now

We are pleased to discuss the HSBC Fusion service in person at one of our branches. Simply click the below button to arrange an appointment.


  • Interest free period
    Up to 56 days of interest free credit as per HSBC Business Card Conditions of Use 
  • Flexible
    Choose how you want to pay - either the full balance or the minimum repayment.
  • Convenient
    Accepted over 30 million outlets worldwide.
  • Reward Programme
    Collect reward points which will be converted as cashback direct to your card account. You do not need to remember to redeem your points, as we will deposit €20 cashback in your card account with every 5,000 points earned.

Have a question?

Call our Contact Centre on +356 2380 2389

We’re here from 08:00-16:00, excluding Sundays and public holidays.

Loyalty reward points

Every time you use your Business Credit Card to pay for your purchases, you will earn reward points which will be converted into cashback direct to your card account. You do not need to remember to redeem your points, as we will deposit €20 cashback into your card account with every 5,000 points earned. 

Secure Online Transactions

Our cards use a two-factor authentication process to authorise online card payments. Follow the link to learn more about this feature.

Lost or Stolen Card

We provide you with a 24 hour a day service to report your card immediately if it is lost or stolen. Remember that lost or stolen cards can be like losing money. Stop other people from using your cards by reporting any lost or stolen cards on: +356 2148 3809.

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