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A promising future in store

Working for your parents is as old as civilisation, and many second-generation entrepreneurs opt to follow their parents’ line of business. But when is that decision taken? 

There is a magical moment when, sitting on the cash register and staring at the sun-kissed display windows, the nine-year-old you falls in love with the lights, the chatter, the customers, the smell of new inventory. And before you know it, you have gone from being your parents’ baby to making the business your baby. 

At least that was the story for Raymond Brincat who started helping out his mum and dad at their new store in the 1970s. Today, 34 years later, he is still very much in the same line of business, running his own store in B’Bugia. And he still loves the retail trade as much as ever. 

“I started working in retailing when I was just 16, and as you can see I’m still doing it after all these years. I still love doing this job which is now my family’s main income. But I can assure you that it also entails a certain level of commitment,” says Raymond with a smile. 

This commitment is supported by HSBC Fusion, which is offering Raymond a dedicated relationship manager to look after both his personal and business accounts. 

“Importantly, the personal and business accounts are kept separate, however I can still manage both through one login.” 

You can watch a brief video about how Raymond’s childhood dream became a reality here:

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We are pleased to discuss the HSBC Fusion service in person at one of our convenient branches.

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