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Keeping things positive

They say that change is the only constant in the universe. No-one understands this better than business owners, who typically invest time, energy and resources to keep their businesses relevant and market their services in fresh, appealing ways. 

When veteran hair-stylist Mandy Mahoney set out to revamp her popular salon, she realised she would need additional resources to put her energy and ideas to work.

Enter HSBC Fusion.

“Thanks to HSBC Fusion, I was able to receive an unsecured overdraft facility, which has helped me refurbish my salon. And being the creative person that I am, I have also included my own touches,” says Mandy, whose refurbished salon is adorned with positive messages mainly around having a zeal for life.  

“It makes a difference to my customers as it gives them a positive boost. We are like a family here, so that was my aim even when I was refurbishing,” she says with a grin. 

“It seems to be working well.” 

You can watch a brief video about Mandy’s positive approach to business here:

Watch video

We are pleased to discuss the HSBC Fusion service in person at one of our convenient branches.

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