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Basic Bank Account

Apply online for a payment account with basic features

Our Basic Bank Account is designed for people who are legally residing in Malta or another EU member state and who do not hold any other account with other banks in Malta.

Benefits of an HSBC Basic Bank Account

With a Basic Bank Account you are entitled to

  • Cash deposits or withdrawals at/from the bank's branches
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs both locally and other EU member states
  • Payments by direct debit within the EU
  • An international debit card allowing payments to be made both locally and outside Malta (including online payments)
  • Inward and outward payments
  • Credit transfers
  • Standing orders
  • Online banking, mobile banking and phone banking

Who can apply for a Basic Bank Account?

People who are legally residing in Malta or another EU Member state including:

  • Persons with no fixed address;
  • Refugees, stateless persons or asylum seekers;
  • Persons who are not granted a residence permit but whose repatriation is not possible for legal or factual reasons.

    Customers may be restricted to having one account only and would not be able to avail themselves of other products and services until they meet additional requirements and criteria.

Documents required to open a Basic Bank Account

All documents must be in original

Identification Document (any one of the below)

  • A valid unexpired Passport 
  • A valid unexpired national or other government issued identity card
  • A valid unexpired residence card

If the above documents are not held, an official document containing photographic evidence of identity which is recognised as a legal means of identification by the national law or EU.

Proof of Permanent Residential Address (any one of the below)

  • A government-issued document containing details of the permanent residential address
  • Correspondence from a central or local government authority, department or agency within the last 4 months

Utility Bill in relation to services linked to the permanent residential address issued within the last 4 months. In cases of no fixed address other documents are to be requested as required.


Confirmation of Tax Residency 

  • Tax identification Number/s and details of any countries or regions of Tax Residency


For the purpose of opening this account, applicants are required to prove that they have a genuine interest to open such account in line with the local Payment Account Regulations.


Other documentation may be required

  • If you are submitting your application online further documentation needs to be attached to the application form.
  • Further details can be found in our Become an HSBC customer page.

New to HSBC - Apply online

It only takes a few minutes to apply online. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest HSBC Branch and speak to our staff. They will be happy to help.   

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