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Report a transaction

Let us know if a transaction on your account isn't right

Common reasons for unrecognised transactions

If you're reporting a transaction because you disagree with it, check these common reasons for discrepancies first:

  • unfamiliar transaction description – some organisations use different descriptions to process their transactions, so the details you see on your statement may not be familiar
  • unfamiliar transaction date – not all payments are processed on the same day the transaction was made
  • joint account holder – if you share your account with someone else, they may recognise the transaction
  • adjacent transactions – take a look at other transactions showing on your statement at a similar time. This may remind you of where you were when the transaction that you don't recognise was made
  • free trials – if you signed up for a free trial recently, check the trial period and terms and conditions. It may have expired and you may now be paying for goods or services
  • overseas transaction – if you've been abroad recently, the amount on the receipt could be different to the amount on the statement as a result of the exchange rate

Dispute a card transaction

If there's a card payment that you recognise but would still like to dispute, you'll need to fill in our dispute form. Before doing this, you may want to contact the retailer first. They may have mistakenly charged you, and they can put it right quicker than we can.

If after contacting the retailer you'd still like to dispute the transaction, download and complete the dispute form (PDF, 66KB). Identify the reason that best fits your case and make sure you include your transaction details and signature. You need to post the form back to us with any documentary proof you have to support your claim.

Make sure the form and your supporting evidence reaches us no later than 60 days from the date of the transactions you're disputing. If we do not receive these documents in time, you might no longer have the right to recover the disputed amount or its recovery may be delayed.

The contact information on the dispute form should match what we have in our records. If the details are different, we'll use the information from our records.

Fraudulent transactions

If you don't recognise a transaction and think it may be fraudulent, please contact us as soon as possible to report it.

How to dispute a transaction

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