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Visa Credit Card

Our credit cards give you convenience and financial flexibility

HSBC Visa Credit Card

Whether you’re transferring a balance or making a big purchase, an interest-free period can give you the flexibility you need.


With the HSBC Visa Credit Card, you'll get:

  • Accepted at over 30 million outlets worldwide

    And over 4,000 outlets in Malta and Gozo.

  • Effect payments overseas in Euro or in any foreign currency

  • Spread the cost of larger purchases through monthly repayments

  • Interest-free period

    Up to 56 days of interest free credit as per HSBC Card Conditions of Use.

  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs and over the counter at banks worldwide

    Counter service not available locally and in some countries or regions.

  • Itemised monthly statements

  • home&Away

    Special offers from more than 27,000 outlets in more than 160 countries and regions. Find out more.

  • Online authentication

    Visa Secure authentication system offers added security when you use your card online.

Things you should know

  • Annual fee of €21.00 with no minimum balance requirements.
  • Pay only €30.00 p.a. if you apply for both HSBC Visa Credit Card and HSBC MasterCard Credit Card (therefore paying a discounted fee of €9 p.a. on the second HSBC credit card)
  • You may also apply for an additional card on your HSBC Visa Credit Card. You will incur no annual fee on the first additional card.
  • Minimum monthly payment of €12 or 5% of the outstanding balance, whichever is highest

Apply by phone

Call us: +356 2380 2380

Secure Online Transactions

Our cards use a two-factor authentication process to authorise online card payments. Follow the link to learn more about this feature.

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