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Student Account

Easy account opening

Get set to go!

Open your student account with us online or at one of our branches and benefit from:

  • Free online banking**

  • Free mobile banking**

  • Free Visa International Debit Card**

  • Discounted fee on withdrawals from other banks' ATMs

** These services are free for all HSBC clients.

Apply online

You can apply by filling in the online form. 

How an HSBC Student Account can help you

  • Competitive interest rates

    With HSBC Student, you get access to our current account which is easy to manage and earns you more interest than our normal savings account so you can make your money go that much further.

  • Manage your money when you want

    HSBC online banking allows you to manage most of your everyday transactions from your desktop or smartphone. It's safe, convenient and you can access your accounts anytime and anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Shop and withdraw cash by debit card

    Your HSBC International Debit Card will let you pay for goods and services wherever you are in the world and get free cash withdrawals from any HSBC ATM worldwide.

  • Preferential exchange rates

    Planning to go abroad? We’ve got you covered with preferential foreign exchange rates for up to €1200, and if you have any cash left over when you return, we’ll exchange that back to euros at a preferential rate as well.


The HSBC Student package is available for:

  • a full-time student, either Maltese or a foreign national, studying secondary or tertiary education in Malta
  • aged between 13 and 25 years
  • stipend must be credited directly into an HSBC Student Account

Student without a stipend

If you are a student but will not be receiving a stipend, you can still enjoy the convenience and flexibility of our Current Account.

How to apply

It only takes a few minutes to complete our online form.

After submitting your application, please expect a call from one of our representatives. We will guide you as to what is required next to finalise your application.

Before you start the application, it is recommended that you have the following documents in hand, as you will need to submit them along with your application:

  • a valid identification document (scan or photo of front and back)
  • a photo clearly showing your face next to the identification document 
  • a second verification document, which can be one of the following:

- passport (scan or photo of the details page), or

- an email or letter from the school which includes your details, or

- a screenshot of your e-id home screen, or

- a communication (email or letter) which includes your details, from a government department (such as the education department) or the examination centre

Apply online

Apply in branch

Visit your nearest branch and speak to our staff, who would be delighted to help you.

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