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Premier Credit Card

Exclusive to HSBC Premier customers

Discover a world of rewards

Available exclusively for existing HSBC Premier customers, this card brings you a world of travel benefits and rewards programme. If you qualify, you could enjoy up to 56 days interest free credit on balance transfers and purchases – all for no annual fee.


With the HSBC Premier Credit Card you'll get:

  • Accepted at over 30 million outlets worldwide
    and at over 4,000 outlets in Malta and Gozo.
  • Spread the cost of larger purchases through monthly repayments
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs and over the counter at banks worldwide
    Counter service not available locally and in some countries or regions.
  • Itemized monthly statements
  • home&Away programme privileges
    Special offers from more than 27,000 outlets in more than 160 countries and regions. Find out more.
  • Overseas payments in Euro or in any foreign currency
  • Interest free period
    Up to 56 days interest free credit as per HSBC Card Condition of Use.
  • Rewards
    A simpler way to redeem your loyalty points. You do not need to remember to redeem your points, as we will give you €20 cashback in your card account with every 5,000 points earned.
  • Miminum monthly payment of €12 or 5% of outstanding balance, whichever is highest
  • Free insurance
    Receive free Purchase Protection Insurance, Travel Insurance and Life Cover on your HSBC Premier Credit Card debit balance.
  • You may enjoy a world full of benefits provided by ''Mastercard World'', besides from the wide range of benefits offered through HSBC Premier.
    You can visit Mastercard World Benefits to see what benefits it offers you.

Using your credit card will generate bonus points

As well as the convenience it gives you, using your HSBC Premier Credit Mastercard gives you access to our loyalty points reward scheme.

Earning your points is easy, just use your HSBC Premier Credit Card and you’ll earn one point for every €2 (including VAT) for euro transactions and five points for every €2 (including VAT) for non-euro transactions of Eligible Spending. Points will be awarded for each separate transaction. Any amounts below €2 and any cents in respect of each transaction will be disregarded and will not be accumulated to your total number of points. Points will be shown on your monthly statement and are valid for up to two years from the month that they are first shown on the statement. Each redemption must be of a minimum of 5000 points.

As soon as you earn 5000 points you will receive a cashback of €20 to your credit card account. No need to do anything at your end, we’ll sort it out for you.

Who can apply?

There are several ways to qualify for HSBC Premier status, including:

  • if you hold savings or investments with a balance of €70,000 or more in your HSBC Malta p.l.c. accounts.
    • if you have a minimum net annual income^ of €50,000 if applying as a sole customer or €75,000 if applying as a joint customer with a spouse or partner, credited to a HSBC Malta account. 

This does not include money transferred from any other sole or joint personal account(s) you may hold with HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c.

^income is defined strictly as:

  1. salary that is credited to your account by your employer/s or from any third-party account;
  2. rental income, interest coupons and/or dividends that are credited to your account from any third-party account;
  3. HSBC Interest, coupons and/or dividend payments; and/or
  4. cheque deposits greater or equal to €500.
  • If you have a new or existing mortgage with HSBC Malta, equivalent to a minimum of €300,000 if applying as a sole customer or €400,000 as a joint customer with a spouse or partner, subject to salary being credited into an HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. account.

Apply Now

It's quick and easy to upgrade to HSBC Premier.

You can either opt for a face-to-face appointment at one of our branches, or a remote appointment by phone and email exchange1.

Simply give us a call or complete our callback request form to get started. 

Call us: +356 2148 9100

Apply in branch

Visit your nearest branch and speak to our staff, who would be delighted to help you

1 You can use our remote appointment if you hold an account with HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c., have updated bank records on our system, hold a valid identity document/passport and are physically located in Malta.

Secure Online Transactions

Our cards use a two-factor authentication process to authorise online card payments. Follow the link to learn more about this feature.

Financial Difficulties?

At HSBC we're committed to supporting our customers through good times and bad. We understand that unexpected circumstances may impact your finances from time to time.

If you are concerned about your ability to meet your payment obligations with us, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible. We may be able to help.

Please send us an email on if you would like to discuss your situation with a member of our team.

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