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Personal bank guarantees 

Apply now to request legal guarantees to meet a range of common regulatory requirements

Guarantees to meet your personal needs

HSBC provides a number of guarantees for your personal needs. These guarantees may be issued to meet various regulatory requirements, including:

  • building permits
  • alterations to own property
  • building restoration works
  • purchase/redemption of residential ground rent
  • customs requirements upon import of goods for personal use

Apply for a personal bank guarantee

Beneficiaries of these guarantees can include:

  • Planning Authority
  • Building Regulation Office (BRO)
  • Registrar of Courts
  • Commissioner of Land
  • Comptroller of Customs
  • Other local Government Owned entities and local councils 

Guarantees may be issued according to the following terms:

  • up to a maximum amount of Eur100,000
  • with a maximum term of one year*
  • in accordance with HSBC standard wording

* The Bank may also allow evergreen guarantees against cash collateral in the applicant's name. These guarantees may be extended automatically for further periods of one year unless the bank decides to terminate it.

Our standard fees for issue of guarantees can be found on HSBC Bank Malta's General Tariff for Personal Banking Customers. Other terms and conditions may apply.

How to apply

You can apply for a guarantee in a matter of minutes by completing our online form.

Once the form has been received, we will contact you by the close of the next business day in order to inform you of any further requirements.

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