Register for mobile top-ups and you should never run out of credit again

All you need to do to top up your phone credit is send a text message quoting the 4-digit PIN you’ll get when you sign up.

The service is free if you’re using it in Malta. If you want to top up while you’re abroad, you’ll incur your service provider’s normal charges for sending text messages outside Malta.   

Please note that mobile banking is only available outside Malta where there’s a roaming arrangement with your service provider.

How it works

  1. Create a text message, stating your 4-digit PIN only  
  2. Send the message to the appropriate number for the amount you want to top up by.

    For € 5, send to 5061 6605
    For €10, send to 5061 6610
    For €20, send to 5061 6620
    For €50, send to 5061 6650

How to register

Register online

Log on to online banking, go to ‘Mobile services' and fill in the fields.

Register by phone

  • Personal banking customers call +356 2380 2380
  • Premier customers call +356 2148 9100
  • Advance customers call +356 2148 9101

Register in branch