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Unit-Linked Investments

A flexible savings and investment plan that brings together a broad range of global investment opportunities under one roof

Flexible Savings and Investments Plan

Realising your hopes and ambitions for the future often requires planning. Sound finances are an important part of this planning.

Our Flexible Savings and Investments Plan is a unit-linked life assurance plan that is available in two options:

  • Regular Premium (RP)

A long term regular contribution savings plan allowing you to save regular

  • Single Premium (SP)

A one time lump-sum premium payment with options for ad-hoc investments throughout the term of the plan.

The Flexible Savings and Investments Plan allows you to participate in a range of HSBC Life Assurance (Malta) Ltd Unit-Linked funds denominated in euro, based on local and foreign bond and equity investments.

The Unit-Linked funds, offered by HSBC Life Assurance (Malta) Ltd are backed by underlying assets held in a range of currencies. The underlying assets are managed by local and foreign fund managers with a history of professional investment management. The range of funds available has been selected to provide a wide choice and caters for people of various ages, risk preferences and for different market conditions.

You will be able to structure your portfolio of investments in order to balance growth and risk according to your personal preferences.


  • Investment with potential
    Our Flexible Savings and Investments Plan will give you the opportunity to potentially grow your investment through a mix of equity and bond based investment Funds. This could be used to create capital for your children’s studies or their professional establishment or so you can simply receive a lump sum payment when the time comes.
  • A selection of underlying funds
    Explore a wide range of Unit-Linked funds through a number of local and international investment opportunities based on bond and equity investments.

    You may also select from a choice of 3 risk-graded strategic in-house funds to suit your attitude, giving you access to the research, skills and experience of several expert investment managers.

    You may choose to invest your premium in a maximum of five (5) funds at any time with a minimum allocation of 20% in any one fund.
  • Flexibility

    The freedom to pursue your own investment strategy according to your needs, with the flexibility to switch between the various funds whenever you wish, allowing you to react to market developments. The first two switches in any calendar year are free of charge.

    You will also have the ability to surrender the plan any time. Plan surrender charges only apply in the first five (5) years.

  • Optional additional deposits
    Give your future plans a boost any time you want by making additional, unscheduled deposits or by increasing your premium.
  • Additional Protection available on the FSIP Regular Option

    The Flexible Savings and Investments Plan – FSIP Regular Option offers you a choice of additional life assurance and disability benefits to protect yourself, your spouse/partner and your dependants.

    Further details can be found in the product brochure (PDF, 405Kb).

  • Costs & charges
    For all information relating to cost and charges, please read the Key Features (PDF, 162Kb) document.

Are you eligible?

You can take out a Flexible Savings and Investments Plan if you are:

  • an HSBC Malta customer
  • between the ages of 18 and 69 years
  • willing to save at least €100 monthly for 10 years, €150 monthly for 5 years or €7,500 as a single premium*

*Terms & conditions apply. Should policy be surrendered in the first 5 years a surrender fee will apply.

How it works

If you’re not sure about investing or which level of risk is appropriate for you, please seek financial advice.

An HSBC Financial Adviser or your Premier Relationship Manager can walk you through the process of selecting the underlying funds in a way that fits both your investment goals and the level of risk you are most comfortable with.

To find out about getting investment advice from HSBC, please visit our Wealth Management section. 

Book an appointment

To find out more about our savings and investment services, book an appointment for investment advice with a member of our financial planning team.

Important documents

Further details can be found in the product brochure.

For all information relating to cost and charges, please read the Key Features documents and the Key Information documents for Regular Premium and Single Premium documents. 

Frequently asked questions

Risk Warnings

If you are not sure about investing in this product or which level of risk is appropriate for you, please seek financial advice.

The value of the investment can go down as well as up and capital is at risk. Past performance is not a guarantee for future performance.

Currency fluctuations may affect the value of the investment.

If you invest in this Product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.

Further information including the general risk factors of each underlying fund can be found in the prospectus, the Key Investor Information Document and most recent financial statements of each underlying fund, which can be obtained through this website or upon request, free of charge, from HSBC Life Assurance (Malta) Ltd. or HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c.

This information is not to be construed as investment advice. It is important that you read this information in conjunction with the Brochure, Key Features Document, Policy Terms & Conditions , Proposal Form and the Policy Schedule.

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HSBC Insurance is a trading name used worldwide by the insurance businesses of the HSBC Group, including HSBC Life Assurance (Malta) Ltd which has issued this document.

The Flexible Savings and Investment Plan is manufactured by HSBC Life Assurance (Malta) Ltd. The policy is distributed to investors in Malta through HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c.

HSBC Life Assurance (Malta) Ltd (Registered Office: 80, Mill Street, Qormi QRM 3101 Malta. Company No: C18814) is regulated and authorised by the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority, Notabile Road, BKR3000, Attard, Malta) to carry on long term business of insurance under the Insurance Business Act 1998. HSBC Bank Malta is enrolled as a Tied Insurance Intermediary for HSBC Life Assurance (Malta) Ltd under the Insurance Distribution Act, (Cap 487 of the Laws of Malta). (Registered Office: 116, Archbishop Street, Valletta VLT 1444. Company No: C3177).

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