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Payment account with basic features

Payment account with basic features

If you need a payment account with basic features and do not hold a similar account (with at least the same features) with any other credit institution located in Malta, you can apply for a HSBC Savings Account. Our Savings Account gives you the flexibility to deposit and withdraw money whenever you need to, and provides access to a debit card, internet banking, mobile banking and local and international payments.

Benefits of an HSBC Savings Account

  • Pay in money and take it out whenever you like
  • A free International Debit Card
  • Make payments to other HSBC and non HSBC accounts
  • Send money in Euro to other accounts in the Single Euro Payment Area or in other currencies to any other account
  • Free internet, mobile and telephone banking
  • Set up direct debits or standing orders
  • Receive money in Euro and other currencies
  • Free SMS Alerts

New to HSBC - Apply online

It only takes a few minutes to apply online. Or, you can visit your nearest HSBC Branch and speak to our staff. They will be happy to help.   

Who can apply for a payment account with basic features?

People who are legally residing in Malta or another EU Member state including:

  • Persons with no fixed address;
  • Refugees, stateless persons or asylum seekers;
  • Persons who are not granted a residence permit but whose repatriation is not possible for legal or factual reasons.

Documents required to open a payment account with basic features

All documents must be in original

Identification Document (any one of the below)

  • A valid unexpired Passport 
  • A valid unexpired national or other government issued identity card
  • A valid unexpired residence card
  • If the above documents are not held, an official document containing photographic evidence of identity which is recognised as a legal means of identification by the national law or EU.

Proof of Permanent Residential Address (any one of the below)

  • A government-issued document containing details of the permanent residential address
  • Correspondence from a central or local government authority, department or agency within the last 4 months
  • Utility Bill in relation to services linked to the permanent residential address issued within the last 4 months
  • In cases of no fixed address other documents are to be requested as required


Confirmation of Tax Residency 

  • We are to be provided with the Tax Identification Number/s and Country/ies of Tax Residency

    For the purpose of opening this account, applicants are required to prove that they have a genuine interest to open such account in line with the local Payment Account Regulations.


Other documentation may be required

Things you should know

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