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Important security update

If you’ve fallen victim to any of the below scams please contact us using the number on the back of your card.

SMS Messages appearing to be from HSBC

Fraudulent messages are being sent to customers asking to click on a link for various reasons, example to validate a payment or to update bank details. On clicking on the link customers are directed to a site that appears to be an HSBC site. Entering your details on this page will expose them to fraudsters.

Do not access the site or provide any information, please only to log on to online banking through

SMS Messages appearing to be from Postal Operators or Government bodies

Customers have reported receiving SMS messages from Postal Operators to click on a link to pay a nominal amount to release a parcel or from the Inland Revenue department that they are due a tax refund.

Customers are then being sent to a fraudulent site where they are asked to input their card details. These card details would then be stolen by fraudsters.

HSBC has updated the mobile banking app to provide more security to customers when transacting on the Internet. Please download the HSBC Mobile App today so that you will be protected with new security features.

Voice calls appearing to come from Police or Department of Justice

Customers have reported receiving telephone calls which could even be a recorded message advising them that their identity has been stolen or that they are being investigated for Money Laundering.

The caller could ask for personal, confidential or security information that could then be used to impersonate you.

The caller might also ask you to log into your online banking and convince you to install some software onto your home computer or click onto a link that might install malware onto your computer which enables them to see what you are doing or even take over your computer.

More help with staying safe online

Watch these videos on different types of fraud and financial crime and visit HSBC Safeguard.

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