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Important security update - suspicious text messages 

Please be aware: We have had reports of customers receiving suspicious SMS that appear to be from our bank. These messages contain a link to a website urging you to provide confidential, personal or financial information.

Protecting yourself is simple. Do not reply to or click on a link from any SMS that you are not sure is genuine. Delete any suspicious looking SMS claiming to be from HSBC. If you have already received such an SMS and accidentally clicked on the link, please contact us.

HSBC will never ask you for your personal information via SMS or send an SMS containing a link to our login page. Further, HSBC will never send an SMS to request information that could be used to make a payment (such as account numbers, passwords, security device details other than the serial number on the back, etc).

Under no circumstances will HSBC ever ask you to divulge any of your security details over the phone, by text message or via email. If you receive a suspicious-looking SMS claiming to be from HSBC, take a screenshot and forward it to Stay safe out there!

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