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Energy Efficiency loan eligibility

Services and products applicable for Energy Efficiency Loan

  • solar water heaters - using the sun to heat water
  • photovoltaic cells (PV) - using the sun to generate electricity
  • double glazing apertures - to insulate against the hot/cold temperatures
  • thermal insulation - used on roofs and walls to insulate against hot/cold temperature
  • electric cars/ motorcycles - battery operated cars/ motorcycles
  • electric car charger - a discreet charger for home use
  • electric bikes/ scooters - battery operated bikes/ scooters
  • plug-in hybrid cars - normal engine and battery operated engine
  • wind power - using the wind as the main source to generate electricity
  • energy efficient appliances - limited to refrigerators, water heaters and cooking devices with the highest rated EE labels
  • heat pump - an efficient way to either heat or cool a place
  • solar battery storage - a battery storage system to store unutilized energy generated from solar panels
  • solar water pump - an efficient way to filter pools by the direct use of solar panels
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