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Premier Family benefits

Give your children the tools for a bright financial future

The benefits of being a Premier customer don’t stop with you. Your children can also take advantage of a wide range of our services, from preferential rates and insurance coverage to accessing emergency money while overseas.

HSBC Head Start

Our HSBC Head Start Account encourages savings from an early age. You can open an account in your child’s name from birth and continue to make deposits in it until they are aged 18. You will also be able to check on the account at any time for your own peace of mind.


  • Best rates of interest
    HSBC Head Start account holders will receive preferred rates of interest from the time their account opens until they reach 25 years of age, helping your children grow their money more quickly and learn the benefits of saving.
  • HSBC Premier recognition
    Because you'll never stop worrying about your children, we'll provide them with access to the same emergency services you would receive abroad, as they'll be recognised as Premier Children through any HSBC branch worldwide.
  • Start saving any time you like
    You can open a Head Start account in your child’s name at any time from birth, and while you will retain oversight of the account until they reach maturity, they can enjoy more flexible access to their money and learn to take responsibility for their savings from an early age.
  • Free account opening abroad
    If your child decides to study abroad, we will open a new bank account and have it ready for them when they arrive – free of charge.

How it works

These accounts are exclusive to children of HSBC Premier Customers. All applications for Head Start accounts are to be instigated by both parents/legal guardians and can only be opened upon parents/legal guardians' instructions. Both parents/legal guardians have to sign at account opening stage.

There is no minimum age but the maximum age is 25 years. Account holders will gain access to additional benefits as they get older, helping them to enjoy greater freedom while encouraging them to manage their money responsibly. 

Account features for every age range

Under 10s

Account holders under the age of 10 years old will have access to the following benefits:

  • preferred rates of interest
  • an annual statement to help them watch their savings grow
  • Premier Recognition
  • parents/legal guardians will have full access to the account
  • children can view their account using our online banking services, but they will not be able to make payments or transfers.

Aged 10 to 12:

Account holders aged 10 to 12 years old will have access to all of the above benefits, plus:

  • ability to withdraw money from their account as per parent's or guardians' consent
  • withdrawals can be made from any HSBC branch

Aged 13 to 15:

Account holders aged 13 to 15 years old will have access to all of the above benefits, plus:

  • an HSBC Premier Visa International Debit Card
  • ability to withdraw money from any ATM in Malta and abroad
  • full access to online banking services

Please note that all of the above benefits are subject to approval from a parent or legal guardian.

16 to 25

Account holders aged 16 to 25 years old will have access to all of the above benefits, plus:

  • unlimited account access
  • unlimited ATM withdrawals and payments from your account

HSBC Premier for the Next Generation

When your child reaches 18 years of age, you may wish to extend your Premier status to them through the HSBC Premier for the Next Generation benefit.


By extending your Premier Status to your child with HSBC Premier for the Next Generation, you give them access to full Premier benefits while they are between 18 and 28 years of age, including; 

  • our best rates of interest
  • HSBC Premier Credit Mastercard* plus points-based Rewards Programme
  • access to expert financial advice at a time that suits you
  • free Travel Insurance
  • free Purchase Protection
  • free Life cover insurance on your HSBC Premier Credit Mastercard

*Premier Children Terms and conditions apply.

Who can apply?

HSBC Premier Head Start and HSBC Premier for the Next Generation are available to the children of HSBC Premier customers who are willing to extend their benefits to their child or dependent.

There are several ways in which a parent may qualify for HSBC Premier status, including:

  • if you hold savings or investments with a balance of €70,000 or more in your HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. accounts
  • if you have a minimum net annual income^ of €50,000 if applying as a sole customer or €75,000 if applying as a joint customer with a spouse or partner, credited to an HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. account

This does not include money transferred from any other sole or joint personal account(s) you may hold with HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. account

^income is defined strictly as:

  1. salary that is credited to your account by your employer/s or from any third-party account;
  2. rental income, interest coupons and/or dividends that are credited to your account from any third-party account;
  3. HSBC Interest, coupons and/or dividend payments; and/or
  4. cheque deposits greater or equal to €500.
  • If you have a new or existing mortgage with HSBC Malta, equivalent to a minimum of €300,000 if applying as a sole customer or €400,000 as a joint customer with a spouse or partner, subject to salary being credited into an HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. account.

Apply for HSBC Premier Children benefits

To apply for HSBC Premier Head Start, you can call us on +(356) 2148 9100 or send us an online banking message to set an appointment at your preferred branch.

For more information, you can view the Premier Head Start terms and conditions.

To extend your Premier benefits to your child through the HSBC Premier for the Next Generation benefit, you may apply through the links below.

If child is a new customer to HSBC

The first step to apply for HSBC Premier for Next Generation benefit is to open a current account.

Apply online to become an HSBC customer.

If child is an existing HSBC customer

It’s quick and easy to upgrade to HSBC Premier for Next Generation.

Call us on: +356 2148 9100

Things you should know

Premier Next Generation will give you preferential rates on any lending solutions you might need, a Premier Credit Mastercard according to your income and affordability together with related benefits such as our Loyalty Rewards programme and travel insurance, a Purchase Protection insurance, and all the other benefits your parent already enjoy as a valued Premier customer.

All applications can be instigated by any one of your parents who is the main Premier Customer, and must be signed by such parent and the child aged 18 to 28 years of age, abiding to all Terms & Conditions listed in the relative application form. Once Premier status is granted to you, it cannot be revoked by your parent. This Premier status will however be removed if or once the Premier status of your parent is no longer active.

The extended Premier status for you will remain active, as long as your parent qualifies for Premier through one of the Premier qualifying criteria and it will be automatically terminated upon your 29th birthday.

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