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Talking ATMs

Access key banking services more easily with our headphone friendly self-service machines

What is a Talking ATM?

A Talking ATM is self-service machine that provides audible instructions for people who may have difficulty reading the screen.

The instructions are delivered through a standard headset that plugs into the front of the machine. The talking functionality will be enabled as soon as your headset is connected.

HSBC Malta Talking ATMs also feature an enlarged font option, allowing customers with limited vision to operate the machine more easily.  

How it works

Enabling talking mode

To enable talking mode on our ATMs, you must first plug your headphones into the audio jack. Once you have done this, the ATM screen will be blanked out for your security.

The machine will offer you a brief audio how-to guide. If you wish to skip these instructions, simply press 0 on the keypad. You will also have the option to listen to audio instructions in either Maltese or English. 

Beginning a transaction

To start your transaction, simply insert your card into the ATM as normal, with the raised print embossed on the card facing upwards and to the left. Transactions are carried out using the keypad below the screen. Please note that in Talking ATM mode, the on-screen display keys will not be utilised.

For customers who may find it difficult to tell the keys apart, our ATM keypad is equipped with a raised dot on keypad number '5'. In addition, the Enter key is embossed with a raised circle, the Cancel key with an X and the Clear key with a vertical line.

A beeping sound has been enabled for each key press to make it easier to keep track of your actions. 

Talking ATM transaction guide

The following transactions are currently offered on the ATM when you are using the Talking functionality either in the English or Maltese language:

  • balance enquiry 
  • fast cash withdrawals 
  • cash withdrawals 
  • cash deposits 
  • language change (Maltese or English available)
  • option to enlarge screen fonts in order to aid partially sighted customers (available on all ATMs)

Balance Enquiry Transaction

Once you select the balance enquiry transaction option and your account type, the ATM will read out your account balance aloud. No receipt will be printed in the balance enquiry transaction.

Cash Withdrawal Transaction

The fast cash option enables you to quickly withdraw the most common denominations. Before beginning, please take some time to familiarise yourself with the exact location of the Cash dispenser.

Your withdrawal Amount should be entered on the keypad. There is a daily limit for withdrawing cash from your own bank and other bank ATMs.

When cash is dispensed, you will hear a series of sounds as cash is rolled and counted and will finally emerge from cash dispenser. Pull gently but firmly to remove your cash. Make sure you grip all the notes and not just a few. A beeping sound will give an alert indicating the presence of notes. It is very important to pull out the cash in time.

After your cash is dispensed, the receipt will be dispensed from the receipt printer. Audio cues of receipt printing can be heard.

At the end a 'Thank You' message voice prompt will confirm that the transaction is completed.

Cash Deposit Transaction

This option will enable you to deposit cash without the use of an envelope.

Once the ATM instructs you to insert the money, you need to deposit the stack of notes via the Cash depositor. The Cash Depositor is located to the right hand side of the keypad.

This ATM accepts up to 50 Cash Notes per transaction. It is important that no folded bills are included.

Language Change Transaction

This allows you to set your language preference. You may change from Maltese to English or vice-versa. The ATM will save your preference for future visits and the audio files will change accordingly.


  • before using a Talking ATM, make up your mind on the transaction you wish to make and which account you intend to use. Ensure that you are aware of your ATM PIN to ensure a smooth operation
  • be calm and alert. You should be able to complete your first Talking ATM transaction within a couple of minutes. In the future, with familiarity, you can complete your transactions much faster
  • when you are using the ATM, stand in front of the machine so that you can easily cover the ATM keypad and cash dispenser. This is important for security 
  • if you notice anything out of the norm - such as an unusual looking attachment on the audio jack, card reader or key pad -  you should not continue with your transaction

ATM layout

The ATM's layout is as follows:

  • the Receipt Dispenser is located above the headphone jack
  • the Card Insertion Slot is located on the right hand side of the headphone jack
  • the Cash Deposit slot is located below the headphone jack
  • the Cash Dispenser is located above the ATM keypad


Our ATM Keypad is a standard telephone matrix keypad featuring the numbers 0-9 and a quick key for adding 00 to the end of your transaction - for example when choosing to withdraw a round-numbered amount of currency such as €50.00.

There are also three function keys, which are colour coded and can also be identified by touch, using their embossed symbols.

The Cancel key is coloured Red and embossed with an X symbol. It can be used at any time to cancel a current transaction.

The Clear key is coloured Yellow and is embossed with a vertical line. It can be used to erase your information if you make any mistakes while entering your ATM PIN or a cash withdrawal amount. Pressing this key once will erase all the information provided to the machine. Once data is cleared, you can re-enter the new data.

The Enter key is coloured Green and is embossed with a circle. It is marked with a Green colour. Use this key during the ATM operation to confirm and proceed. E.g. after entering your PIN or after entering the amount for cash withdrawal you will need to press the Enter key.

Card slot

Our ATMs are equipped with a protruding Card slot, with a horizontally oriented card slot line where you need to insert your card. The Card slot is located on the top part of the ATM on the right side of the headphone jack. The Card slot has a prominent light indicator which flickers. This is a very useful to provide guidance to visually impaired ATM users.

Our ATM card

An ATM card is a plastic card with dimensions which are very similar to that of a Business card. ATM cards have an embossed card holder name and card number on the front face. At the back, a magnetic strip can be found and is used by the ATM. Please take care of your ATM card. Avoid scratching the magnetic strip and do not bend the card.

Using our ATM card

To use our ATM, you will need to insert your card into the card insertion slot. To hear the audio instructions, you need to plug the headphone before inserting the card. 

  • hold your card properly in front of the card reader, feel the card slot line and then slide in your card completely until it touches the other end. You can use one hand to feel the insertion slot and hold the card in the other hand. Then insert correctly. 
  • in the case of the Talking ATM, an 'Insert your card' audio prompt repeats for a few times. If you have not inserted your card correctly, you will hear the message. 
  • it is a key initial step in ATM operation to insert your card correctly, so that the ATM will read it and proceed to the next step 'Enter your PIN'.

ATM card PIN

Your card PIN is a code assigned to you by your bank and should remain undisclosed to others.

When you enter your PIN on our ATMs, a beep sound is played on each key press. Once you have entered your PIN, you will need to press the Enter key to proceed. If a wrong PIN is entered, a prompt will advise you to re-enter the correct PIN.

Keypad numbers 0 to 9 and function keys Cancel, Clear and Enter are not spoken but they will echo a beep sound when pressed.

Cash dispenser

The Cash dispenser is located above the ATM keypad. It has a shutter which opens only when cash is dispensed. Please feel the dispenser area properly while orienting to the ATM parts. Your currency notes are dispensed in this location, flat and in a stacked manner.

Receipt dispenser

The receipt dispenser is located on top of the headphone jack. Receipts are printed in ATM operations like cash withdrawals. You can collect your receipt which will pop out from the receipt printer once you hear the audio prompt.

Volume control

Our Talking ATM enables the user to change the volume level of the audio instructions heard via the headphone.

You can change the volume in 2 ways, either by pressing the audio buttons on the ATM front (next to the headphone jack) or else by pressing the relative keypad buttons when instructed. Button 2 will increase the volume while button 8 will decrease it. A sample test voice is played every time for confirmation.


  • we recommend that you carry a standard PC headphone or earphone while visiting a Talking ATM
  • a 3.5mm universal standard audio jack is provided on ATM front. This is located next to the Card Insertion slot. There is a raised headphone symbol just below the headphone jack
  • please use a standard headphone with 3.5mm connector
  • we do not recommend use of a mobile hands-free type headphone/earphone, as it may not be compatible with the ATM terminal audio jack
  • you should remove the headphone plug once you are done with the ATM transaction


HSBC Bank Malta has developed its ATMs to be operated with enlarged fonts for use by people with limited vision. Once this option is chosen, the screen will be displayed with an enlarged font which is easier to read. This option is presented after you insert your card into the ATM and is available on all our ATMs.

Braille labels

Braille labels are affixed on the ATM front to enable users to easily locate important parts of the ATM. 

The following Braille labels are available:

  • card
  • cash
  • receipt
  • deposit

Further Assistance

If you encounter any issues when operating our ATMs, please reach out to our Contact centre by calling +356 2380 2380. Other ways to contact HSBC can be found on our Contact page

Alternatively, you can contact FITA (Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility) on telephone number +356 2599 2343. More information can be found on the FITA website.

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