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Savings, pensions and investments

Products designed to meet your savings and retirement needs

Our unit-linked and pension products cater for different risk profiles and customer needs. If you're not sure which products are right for you, contact your local branch and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your options with you.

Unit-linked products

You can potentially grow your investments through a mix of equity and bond based investment funds. You have the freedom to pursue your own investment strategy, according to your needs.

  • 3 risk-graded strategic in-house funds to suit your attitude to risk, all with access to the research, skills and experience of our expert investment managers
  • Switch between the funds whenever you like to react to market developments; the first 2 switches in any calendar year are free
  • Add extra protection benefits to the regular premium Flexible Savings and Investment Plan for peace of mind


When we retire we all look forward to enjoying a level of financial security that allows us to maintain our current lifestyle and care for our loved ones. However it's likely that the state pension might not provide enough for that. That's why having a separate pension plan and putting some money aside regularly is a good idea.

Our Retirement Pension Plan is a personal savings policy designed for your retirement. It's a unit-linked life assurance plan that brings together a broad range of global investment opportunities under one roof in a tax-efficient manner.

It aims to build up a sum of money which will be used to provide a tax-free sum when you retire (up to 30% of the sum) as well as a regular income to supplement the state pension. 

  • A long-term contract of insurance which accepts both regular and lump sum contributions
  • Cost effective way of indirectly investing in global and local financial markets
  • Switch between funds to react to market developments
  • Suitable whether you're employed or self employed
  • Start a plan for your partner, if tax credit eligibility criteria are met

The Commissioner of Revenue will issue you with a tax credit equal to 25% of your contribution up to a maximum of €500 or such other amount as may be prescribed from time to time.

The tax credit, which will be issued by the Inland Revenue Department, can be applied by an automatic deduction to the total tax amount payable or may be sent in the form of a cheque, depending on your type of employment.

If you have any queries about the payment of the tax credit you should speak directly to the Inland Revenue Department.


With-Profits policies are pooled investments where the policyholder’s money will be combined with that of other policyholders who choose to invest in the fund.

This fund invests in a wide range of financial instruments such as :

  • Local and international equities
  • Local property
  • Malta Government stock 
  • Other local and international bonds 
  • Cash and other suitable instruments. 

The aim of the fund is to ensure sustainable long term growth which maximises returns whilst maintaining a level of capital protection, as long as the plan is kept to maturity.

A bonus is paid from the investment returns earned in the With-Profits Fund. HSBC Life declares the with-profits bonus rate annually in advance. Once the bonus has been added it cannot be taken away, provided the plan is held to maturity. The total annual bonus rate is reviewed at the end of each year and depending on investment returns during the year, a special additional bonus may be paid.

The With-Profits is available as a single premium.

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Set up an appointment with one of our financial planning team.

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Call us on +356 2380 2380.

Lines are open from 8am to 8pm, apart from Sundays and public holidays.

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